Top 15 Toddler Baby Learning Videos

Experts are at a consensus that when it comes to early childhood education, continuous stimulation of juvenile brain is important. This is best achieved through exposing your little ones to learning materials suitable for their young age.

In the case of toddlers, these learning materials must focus more on communications, speech, and language development. At the same time, these must also be entertaining, especially because toddlers are not patient and they have such a short attention span.

To help parents, there are educational videos for toddlers that can help a lot in keeping your kids entertained while forming their developmental skills in a fun and engaging way.

List of Best Educational Videos for Toddlers

Bob the Train Alphabet Adventure

The alphabet is one of the first things you can teach your tots, and Bob the Train Alphabet Adventure puts a new twist in learning those letters. This video of toddlers will take your little one to a special ride on a train with the friendliest and jolliest steam locomotive in the planet. Bob will take kids on a train ride around town looking for and stopping by to pick up his very own alphabet friends.

What makes it more interesting is that some of these friends cannot be seen right away because of their matching color with the background. For these instances, toddlers will have to use their keen visuals to find the location of the alphabet friends.

Every letter of the alphabet lets out simple phrases in the form of rhymes. This short video that runs for 5 minutes shows Bob as he picks up all his alphabet friends from letters A through Z accompanied by a friendly tune that plays in the background. Your child will have a wonderful time identifying the colors used in the video’s structures.

The look and sound and every letter is also something that will catch the interest of its young audience.

Color Songs Collection Volume One

Vibrant colors paint the whole world but every eye sees various shades, and technically, the brain cannot distinguish red from blue. This is the reason why you need to train the brain into associating a specific name to a specific color. When the brain becomes more exposed to such association, it will be better in making connection between the color’s name and the color itself. This is the main goal of Color Songs Collection Vol.1 by Busy Beaver.

As its title suggests, this train video for toddlers is a collection of songs teaching kids about the colors blue, red, green, yellow, purple, orange, brown, pink, black and white. The screen of every video is in exact same color as the one being taught. This also comes with an image of items with the color being depicted.

At the bottom of the screen, you will find the word itself together with a simple sentence using the word. This can help train your toddler’s brain to associate the color this sees with how blue is spoken and written.

In addition to that, toddlers were introduced to several objects used in the video including balls and apples.

The video basically lasts for thirty-three minutes and is comprised of eleven videos about colors and presented in different songs that kids may sing along to later on.

What you will like about this video for toddlers is that it is straight and simple to the point. This teaches the names of colors like how they’re supposed to be spelled or written and how they sound. It is also good for introducing children to several common objects found in real world.

Phonics Songs with Two Words

Writing letters of the alphabet is just one thing. Learning how to pronounce correctly is a different matter. It must be evident by now that miscommunication may happen if you do not pronounce the word properly. While toddlers are a long way to mastering correct pronunciation of words, it begins with the right sound formation of alphabet. It’s what Phonics Song with Two Words is all about.

Every letter is presented with 2 objects that start with that letter. Such are depicted with both written words and images. Once the letter is presented, the song presents how the letters must sound. It helps toddlers appreciate and learn some things including the objects, form, and sound that start with the given letters. The animation is fun to watch as well as consists of the things that are common in daily life. The tune is easy to remember. Your child will be singing and humming to the tune in minutes. It may help with learning content’s better retention.

The Numbers Song

When it comes to videos of toddlers, you have never seen a video about counting numbers the way in The Numbers Song. It may pass for a good dance tune. Although kids won’t be learning the video content, they’ll definitely still benefit from this physically as the video may be used as a good background music for kid’s physical exercises. However, going back to ChuChu TV video’s educational content, The Numbers Song teaches the kids about several numbers including how they look and their forms.

Learn Names of Fruits & Vegetables with Toy

It’s one of the most important things that you need to give to the young children, particularly toddlers is best nutrition. Unluckily, the tots are renowned for being finicky, picky or choosy, particularly during the meal times where you are serving fruits and vegetables. If there’s a way to address it, this is through encouraging them to join in preparing the vegetables and fruits.

The Learn Names of Fruits & Vegetables with Toy for toddlers is a good companion video for those little children who have toy fruits and vegetables, which come with the Velcro attachment and a range of the kitchen instruments. The video itself is straightforward and uses the similar toys as Velcro-strapped toy vegetables and fruits, a plastic knife, and a plastic chopping board.

Every vegetable and fruit is presented, how the name’s pronounced, what they look like, and the name’s correct spelling. In other ways, it helps enhance color awareness as well.

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