Top 10 Best Outdoor Solar Lights (2020 Review)

best outdoor solar lights 2020Solar lights can be a really great addition to any environment. Not only do they use renewable sources of energy, they add a beautiful ambient light which is suitable for almost anything, coming in various types for various purposes. Solar power is quickly becoming the preferred source of energy across the globe as it saves you money in the long run and is also good for the environment. Solar devices have solar panels which catch sunlight during the day and their rechargeable batteries power them when the sun goes down.

Before making any purchase, there are a few things that you should consider so that you know if the product is a good fit for you and if it will satisfy your needs. Firstly you should consider why you want the solar light, as in how you intend to use it. For example, some solar lights are better used as garden lights while others can be motion sensing depending on your needs. You should also look at the brightness – the brightness of most solar lights are measured by lumens, garden areas may require lower level of brightness to give an ambient lighting while lights for your driveway, per SE, may require higher level of brightness. Another point of consideration is the battery – some solar lights come with built-in lithium ion batteries while some have replaceable ones.

Best Outdoor Solar Lights 2020 Reviews

Without further ado, let us dive into the list.

01. Litom 200 LED Solar String Lights

200 LED Solar String Lights

This solar light by Litcom is a string light with super bright 200 LED. It has 2 switches and 8 different modes which means that there can be a lot of variation with this. It is more than 70 ft long which means you can easily wrap it around a tree or a window for a festival or just plain ambient lighting.


  • 8 different working modes means that you can have a lot of variation with these lights.
  • It is IP 44 waterproof which means that you can easily keep it outside without having to worry about it getting ruined due to slight rain.
  • Great and prompt customer service.


  • None as such.

02. Moonrays Payton Solar Plastic Path Light

Moonrays 91381

This is a Solar Path Light by Moonrays. With 2.4 lumens of light, they are bright enough without being harsh on the eyes and is a good choice to light up your driveway or any other pathway in your house or work. The design makes it really easy to install – it just takes you to insert the spikes into soft soil and you are done.


  • Bright enough without being harsh on the eyes, which make it a good choice to light up driveways.
  • Really easy installation process which makes it faster and smoother to set up.
  • The design allows for a 360 degree display of light which allows it to illuminate more space around it.


The fixtures are small and you will need plenty of them to light up your driveway.

03. TomCare Solar Flickering Torch Lights

TomCare Solar Lights

These solar lights by Tomcare are unique because of their design. They are not very bright but purposefully so. They resemble flame torches and are ideal if you want to add a special touch around your house, in your garden. It is a safe, eco-friendly alternative to real flames and can enhance the mood of any environment.


  • Really good design which adds to the ambiance of any environment.
  • Very easy to install – you just need to push the spikes in soft soil and you are done.
  • Waterproof.
  • Resemble real flickering flames which gives a beautiful vibe.


  • None as such.

04. Sunforce 80-LED Solar Motion Light

Sunforce 82080 80-LED

This is one of those solar lights that combine security with accessibility. Designed in such a way that it can be placed almost anywhere and with the built-in motion sensor which helps this device to light up automatically whenever it detects motion. Not only does it make it more accessible as you do not have to flick a switch every-time you walk up to your door, but it also catches thieves off guard who try to sneak up to your house.


  • Gets really bright with a lumen output of about 900.
  • Built-in motion sensor with a detention range of 30 feet and 180 degrees, which allow it to detect movement at a considerable distance.
  • Built to last in extreme weather cases like rain and storms.


  • Not a particularly attractive design. This is a pure example of function over form.

05. Litom 24 LED Motion Wireless Light

Litom Solar Lights Outdoor

This is another solar light with motion sensing capabilities. But what makes this one special is that it is completely wireless. The lights on this get brighter as it gets darker, and lights up when it senses motion. With a unique design, this solar light has an illumination range of 270 degrees which is higher than most others (which have a range of 180 degrees).


  • Bright enough with a brightness of 420 lumens and a 270 degree illumination range which means it lights up a wider area than most other solar lights.
  • Built to last in all kinds of weather. With an IP65 water resistance, this solar light will survive almost any extreme weather condition.
  • Wireless means that there is no hassle of any wires.
  • Great price for what it offers.


  • Installation might be a little cumbersome.

6. InnoGear Solar 2-in-1 Landscape Wall Light

InnoGear Upgraded Solar Lights

If you were looking for a solar light to light up a landscape or to use it as a spotlight, then this one is probably going to satisfy you. With a built in solar panel, there is no hassle of having another solar panel and establishing a connection between that and the light. You just need to place the light in a place where it will receive sufficient sunlight in the morning.


  • IP65 rated, which means that it is waterproof and can survive extreme weather conditions.
  • Installation is easy and comes with a 2-in-1 installation system – you can mount it to walls or fix it to the ground using the spike.


  • Does not last as long as some of the other lights available in the market.

07. Solario Garden Decor Solar Powered Lights

Solario Garden Decor Solar Powered Lights

These lights by Solario come in a set of 10 and are close to the perfect choice if you intend to use them as decor around your garden for a nice ambient effect. Being completely wireless, the installation is very simple and the build is of stainless steel so you will not have to worry about it getting rusty. With its built in solar panel (on the top of the stakes), there is no need to connect it to some other power source.


  • Convenient, wireless design which makes for easy installation and the built-in solar panel and light sensor means that there is no need for you to connect it to any other power source.
  • Has a low maintenance because you can forget about it once you have installed it, as everything is automatic and hassle free.
  • A good value for money since you get 10 lights in a set for a very decent price.


  • Not really bright – with only 10 lumens of light – which means that you cannot use these lights to illuminate your driveway, but can only use them to add light ambiance.
  • The solar panel is built in on top of the stakes so you cannot place them in a place where it does not get enough sunlight.

08. Solar String Lights RockBirds

Solar String Lights RockBirds

These solar lights by RockBirds are string lights very similar to the electrical ones you might have already used. They get really bright for their size and is of a decent length which make it an ideal choice for any holiday decoration or just to enhance your home’s ambience.


  • IP65 rated waterproof so you will have no trouble if you were to use these outdoors.
  • Can light up for a really long duration (about 10 hours after one full charge).


  • There are options out there that are better priced.
  • Do not last for a really long time (most users say that these die before a year of continuous use).

09. SolarGlow Stainless Steel Garden Lights

SolarGlow Stainless Steel Solar Garden Lights

If you wanted something to light up your garden pathway or the amazing flower beds you put so much of work into, but do not want over the top lighting which might become distracting, then this is the choice for you. With 15 lumens of light, this is bright enough without being distracting, and pair that with the weather/water resistance and the hassle-free no wire installation and you have yourself a great solar lighting for your garden.


  • Soft lighting which is not distracting so that the focus is always on your garden.
  • Really easy installation because there are no wires anywhere.
  • Water and weather resistance mean that you do not have to worry about it getting ruined after a little bit of rain or storm.


  • The solar panels are built in the stakes which mean that you have to place them in location where they will get enough sunlight in the morning.

10. URPOWER 8 LED Wireless Motion Sensing Solar Light

URPOWER Solar Lights

If you were looking for a motion sensing solar light for your patio or porch and you do not have a particularly wide one, this should be your choice. It’s a motion sensing solar light with a 180 degree illumination range. If you have a wider patio, you should look for something with 270 degree of range.


  • Small and easy to install anywhere, being wireless there is no hassle in installation.
  • Weather resistance means that you should not worry about it being ruined by water or storms.


  • It has a built in solar panel which means that if your patio does not get enough sunlight, you cannot place it there.
  • Only 180 degree of illumination range means that it is not ideal for wide lighting.

Things you should consider before making a purchase

As is the case with any product, there are a few things you should consider before you commit yourself to a product.

  1. Your use case – how you intend to put the solar lights to use it going to be the first factor in helping you choose one particular product. For example, if you wish to put something above your front door, you should look for a motion sensing solar light for the best experience. And if you are looking for something to illuminate your driveway, you should look for a really bright solution.
  2. Weather resistance – if you want to place the solar lights anywhere outdoor, it is a good idea to make sure it is weather resistance and some sort of IPX rated.
  3. Brightness – depending on your use case, some areas need lights which are really bright while some others need lights which are softer (as in gardens).
  4. Whether the light has a built in solar panel – It is important because if it does have a built in solar panel, then you should know that you cannot place it indoors or any place where it will not receive enough sunlight.


If you go through this list and follow the things you should consider that has been mentioned, it should be pretty easy for you to find the perfect light for your use. This comprehensive list will ensure that you are satisfied if you indeed make a purchase.

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