The Ten Best Weight Loss Apps (2020 To Improve Fitness Level)

It is never easy to lose weight and get in proper shape in this modern world, where everyone is too busy with their families, careers, and lives as a whole. Instead of cooking healthy meals, most just settle for takeaways from fast food chains, or other junks they can find in the kitchen drawers. Sadly, this kind of lifestyle can wreak havoc to your body. This is the reason behind the ever increasing number of people suffering from obesity in different parts of the world.

Thankfully, the continuous technological innovations have made it possible to stay in shape using your mobile devices. Since getting healthy and losing weight requires a serious commitment where you need to exert both energy and time to track your goals, and progress, there are special apps made to help you stick to your health objectives.

List of Best Weight Loss Apps 2020

If you own an iPhone, you can now make the most out of the best fitness activity trackers which will ensure that you stay right on track towards your dreams of a fitter and healthier body than ever before. Below are the top 10 best weight loss apps 2018 for iPhone users in no particular order.


Fitocracy is a free app made especially for those people who are not so into gamifying apps. If you have fun goals you want to achieve for getting healthy and losing weight, this app will push you to become successful in your goals.

Fitocracgy is an RPG to help you get in shape where you will earn points and unlock achievements through completing workout plans and attaining your fitness goals. This is created on the premise of social interaction within groups and challenging other people as well.

Lose It

Another free app that iPhone users can try is none other than Lose It! This application lets you track your calorie intake every day, and the calories you burn when you workout. It also allows you to set up daily calorie out and in goals and track your weight to pose a challenge to yourself.

The app also gives you a chance to use your iPhone’s camera to scan barcodes on food items so that they will be automatically added to your diary. It boasts of an extensive food database so if you need a reliable app to track your food intake, this app is the best one for you.


When you own an iPhone and you prefer running to lose weight, instead of spending for a pricey GPS watch, you can download the RunKeeper app for free. This is a wonderful tool to help you track your activity and runs by using your iPhone’s GPS capabilities. You will also be able to track your progress on, share results with friends, geo-tag pictures when running, integrate iPod music with the app, and so much more.

What is nice about it is you can manually enter data so when you get caught inside your house on your treadmill one day, you will never lose your day’s activity tracking.

Nike+ GPS

The apps of Nike+ GPS utilizes the GPS of iPhone to track your runs, yet it’s more focused on running. You may see your runs on the map, share these socially if you’re completed, get voice feedback during your running session, and keep track of the calories burned.


It’s the best way to connect with famous SparkPeople online fitness community. You may track your workouts, your food intake and your workouts, and your calorie differential. Another good touch is the added exercise demos, which show you how to do famous exercises that are in your scheduled workouts on SparkPeople.

Gain Fitness

It is one of the best fitness activity trackers that is referred to as a digital personal trainer. Basically, it can build you custom workout on your equipment and available time that you have at your own disposal. After the workout is built, Gain Fitness may keep track of your progress and make you a custom Game Plan calendar that will keep you working out on a regular basis. This sounds like magic as it sort of is.


It tracks your weight in a beautiful manner. If you like the best app for tracking weight on iPhone, it’s the app. It looks nowhere else. You have to input your weight for the day, view your weight on the timeline, view your weight goals, and view your BMI. With weightbot, it is a beautiful, simple, and an easy way to your weight loss.

Fitbit Activity and Calorie Counter

A Fitbit app needs a Fitbit to get the most out of, yet if you’re serious about losing weight, a Fitbit is a $100 investment for the shear fact of seeing how much you’re active during the day. Through the Fitbit app, you will be able to track down your food intake as well as see your current steps taken. You may also track your added activity, water intake, and weight.


Today, if you really want to take your fitness experience to the next level, Nexercise is the app to do this.

Nexercise enables you to gain XP or experience for all your non-RPG playing nerds, defeat challenges, earn rewards, and interact with the Nexercise community. Nexercise does not track food intake, only activity. However, this supports more than ninety various activities. In addition to that, you may use your Fitbit, Jawbone Up, and Fuel Band to integrate your activity.

Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker

Calorie Counter is a reliable app to track your weight and calorie intake. You may track what foods you’ve eaten and during what times. MyFitnessPal, which is the makers of this app, said that Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker has a huge food database of iOS app out there. This app has also a barcode scanner for scanning in the nutrition labels from the famous foods.

Having these fitness activity trackers apps will surely help you reach your fitness goals in no time.

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