The 10 Best Instant Cameras In 2020 Review for Parties

Instant cameras have been ruling the market since ages. Even though they don’t offer the same quality as DSLRs camera, many appreciate how quickly you can get a physical copy of the photo taken. There are quite a few on the market, but not all of them are worth the investment. Choosing the right product is an easy once you know the basics.

Anyone who wishes to capture moments and have a physical copy instantaneously can benefit from having an instant camera. It does not yield a professional looking shot and hence might not satisfy the needs of professional photographers.

Here are a few reasons why you need an instant photo camera:

  1. It is highly affordable, though the cost per photo might seem a tad pricey.
  2. You get immediate results.
  3. Owning a little one is fun and cool.

When selecting the best one, you must consider the following factors:

  • Look for style, portability, and ease of use when assessing the design of the camera.
  • Pick a retractable lens if possible.
  • Opt, for lower f-stop values and hence larger lens apertures. This will allow you to take photos in bright light.
  • Search for a low ISO and fast shutter speed.
  • Set a price limit that best aligns with your budget.

Start with our pick for the budget & coolest cameras on the market. Which give instant photos.

From a sea of choices, we chose the high quality cameras for you. Each of the ten was assessed based on its design, aesthetic appeal, construction, and specification. Within specifications, there are quite a few technicalities when it comes to, instant cameras. We focused on the most important ones. This included shutter speed, ISO, lens, battery, number of compatible films, and rash type.

Best Instant Film Cameras 2020 Reviews

01. Polaroid PIC-300 Instant Film Camera Under $100

Looking for a compact that fits in your pocket? Polaroid PIC-300 delivers that and much more.


We will be honest with you. The PIC-300 might not be the best Polaroid camera ever made. However, it does succeed in satisfying the masses. It has a high shutter speed of 1/60 seconds. Hence, you can rest assured that your photos won’t be overexposed to the sun.

It is also equipped with a flash which automatically adjusts depending on how much light is present in the surrounding. This, along with the shutter speed, play an integral role in delivering quality photos.

The product is also equipped with four scene settings. These settings allow you to capture photos in different lighting conditions. You can also alter the settings via the manual exposure compensation setting.


  • Reminds you of the good old days.
  • Robust and durable.
  • Compact in size.


  • It is bit expensive.

Individuals who have nostalgic memories attached to Polaroid will find this gadget to be the right blend of nostalgia and functionality.

02. Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera with Zink Zero Ink Printing

Are you tired of over the top designs when it comes to Polaroid cameras? Well, you will find Polaroid Snap to be stylish yet simple.


The Polaroid Snap features one of the most minimalistic designs available today. While some might find this to be a little boring, old school user and those of appreciating vintage products will find the style to be a striking image of classic Polaroid cameras.

The product comes in quite a compact size. You can easily fit it in the pocket of your shirt. This, in turn, leads to great portability.

It has 10 Mega Pixel sensor. Therefore, you can expect to capture the best quality images.

Since it is a digital Polaroid camera, it is equipped with a Micro SD card that allows you to store photos.


  • It doesn’t need batteries.
  • There are different filters which you can apply.


  • The framing could be improved.

Whether it be quality or convenience, this is the camera delivers it all.

03. Fujifilm Instax Hello Kitty Instant Film Camera Under $100

Fan of Hello Kitty or cutesy styled cameras? Fujifilm Instax has the perfect camera for you, in the shape of a Hello Kitty.


It is safe to say that the design of Kitty camera is as adorable as it can get. The fact that it is in the shape of a Hello Kitty might make this the perfect birthday party gift for your 8 to 10 years kids. For those of you who like standing out from the crowd, this camera will surely do that for you.

The dimensions are 169mm x 145mm x 69mm. This, along with the 395-gram weight allows to be quite portable and easy to use. Even though the shape of the product is novel, this doesn’t deter in delivering a comfortable to use a product.


  • If you follow the instruction ions, the camera yields good results.
  • It is popular among kids and women.
  • The smart light detection system allows you to choose the perfect settings.


  • Pictures of fast-moving subjects come out blurry.

Unless you wish to take photos of children and pets, this Fujifilm Instax will be ideal for you.

04. Kodak Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera Under $100

Kodak is known for its quality product and this digital print camera succeed in upholding this legacy.


It is very easy to use. All you need to do is point and shoot and viola, you are done. You don’t need to go through any hassle to print it. Instead, the moment you press shoot, and the Printomatic is done the shooting, it will automatically print your picture for you.

This camera does not use any cartridges. Anyone who has the displeasure of using one would know how messy it can get. Instead, this product makes use of ZINK photo paper to print full color photos. You don’t need to worry about adding toner or film to your camera like Instax or Mini Shot.


  • The photos produced are smudge-proof as well as resistant to water.
  • The resolution of 10 MP is excellent.
  • It comes in different colors.


  • The quality of the flash can be improved.

If convenience matters to you the most, you will find this Kodak Printomatic to be a great choice.

05. Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Instant Film Camera Under $150

Do you like classic traditional style instant film cameras? If so, Fuji Film might be perfect for you.


The design of this product is bound to transport you back in time. It looks just like a traditional style. However, there is a twist. The features included in the product are as modern as it can get. This includes double exposure and usage of a bulb to enhance the amount of light the product can capture.

The shutter speed and the flash adjusts automatically depending on the amount of light available in the surrounding. This makes sure that you have the best pictures, regardless of the lighting condition. It also has a kid mode that lets you capture the moments of your energetic kids without it getting blurry.


  • Different modes to select from.
  • Quality photos.


  • Not durable enough.

For those of you who wish for a camera that can capture fast-moving subjects without making them blurry, the quality of the photos produced by this instant mini camera will not disappoint you.

06. Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 Instant Film Camera and Wide Film 20 Exposures

Vibrant photos. Immediate printing. Excellent range. This instant film camera delivers quite a lot.


A unique feature of Wide-300 is its wide filming format. Generally, the format delivered by other cameras is narrow. However, the film size of Instax Wide 300 is 10.6 by 8.4 cm. This renders the model capable of being used for large family shots along with individual shots.

It is also accompanied by a close-up lens, that allows to take a clear picture while standing up to 40 cm away from the subject. When you add this to the quality of the pictures produced, you are bound to be satisfied with this Instax model.


  • Pictures print quite fast.
  • The quality of the pictures is excellent.
  • The colors are vibrant and crisp.


  • Batteries tend to come off lose often.

Even though Instax Wide 300 Film Camera may not be Fujifilm’s best camera to date, its reasonable price makes up for its flaws. If you want quick output and satisfactory pictures, this will get the job done for you.

07. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera (Under $150)

Fujifilm Instax Mini has been a popular camera for quite a while. Though manufacturers do not deliver this product anymore, it is still sold by some sellers.


The best thing about it is the sheer number of options you are provided with when it comes to colors. There are 10 colors for you to choose from. People who are tired of the same old black cameras, you will find the wide variety of colors to be a breath of fresh air.

The viewfinder of the camera has seen a lot of improvements when you compare it to previous versions. Now, the output of the product is much more visible and clearer than ever before. Furthermore, the addition of the automatic exposure and alterable aperture setting plays an integral role in offering better photos.


  • Works great in bright light.
  • It is aesthetically appealing.


  • Not durable, especially if mishandled.

While there are a few limitations to the instant camera, its price and quality make up for it.

08. Polaroid POP 3×4″ Instant Print Digital Camera Under $200

Are you on a lookout for a different models that looks nothing like the old versions? Well, Polaroid has a POP Instant Photography Digital Camera to satisfy your needs.


This product features quite a unique design when compared to other Polaroid cameras on the list. The combination of pink and black in the exterior gives it an adorable look that many like.

Convenience is also considered when designing the product. This is why the Polaroid POP is equipped with a 3.97-inch viewfinder. This viewfinder is touchscreen in nature and hence aligned with modern usage of gadgets.

Since you can add a timer, which you can use to create the perfect selfies as well as group photos. The image stabilization element added ensures that no blurry photos are captured.


  • You can use the Polaroid app to edit your pictures.
  • The printing time is fast.
  • High-quality pictures.


  • It crashes a lot.

Anyone who is looking for something different and a blend of instant and digital cameras, this mint camera does not disappoint.

09. Fujifilm Instax SP-1 Share Smartphone Printer

You don’t necessarily need to carry for capture instant photos. You can do so with Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer as well.


What differentiates this smartphone printer from instant cameras is that the quality of the pictures is not dependent on the camera. Let’s face it. Regardless of how good the quality of the camera is, it can seldom parallel the quality delivered by an iPhone or premium smartphone.

With this product, you can use your smartphone to capture vivid and nice-looking images and then print them immediately using the Share Smartphone Printer. All you need to do is download the Instax Share App from the app store. Then you can send photos to the printer via the app.

It also lets you choose between a variety of templates, ranging from those used by Facebook to Real Time.


  • It is an ideal gift.
  • The print quality is excellent.


  • It is heavy and bulky.

If you don’t want to carry an Instax SP-1 around, this is your best alternative.

10. Fujifilm INSTAX 210 (Instant Wide Angle Professional Camera Under $500)

A worthy addition to the list with highly modern touch. Fujifilm Instax surely delivers a fun and premium quality product.


One of the best things about this wide Photo camera is its shooting range. You can choose between two distances. Either you can capture photos 0.9-3m away or from 3m to infinity. This renders the camera capable of taking both zoomed in and high-distance shots. Hence, you can use it to capture all types of moments.

Additionally, the Instax 210 is equipped with a LCD control panel as well. This gives the Fuji 210 a modernized vibe. The LCD panel allows you to visibly see different settings and alter them accordingly. Some of the displayed settings include focal distance and the film count left.


  • High shutter speed of 1/64 to 1/200 seconds, depending on the need.
  • Excellent for low-light conditions owing to its automatic flash.
  • Good value for money.


  • It is bulky and hence not quite portable.

If you don’t care about portability, you will be satisfied with the quality of the instant photos and other value-added features of the product.

Final Verdict

Between Polaroid vs Fuji, we found Polaroid PIC to be the best. It is the perfect combination of style and functionality. What else could you want in an instant camera?

Your choice can be different from ours. It all depends on what combination of features you wish for. Choose according to your needs and preferences. Get yourself a quality new instant camera. Capture moments. Print them instantaneously. This is how memories are made.

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