10 Best Dash Cam Reviews 2020

Dashboard cameras have become quite popular over the years. A dash cam will record every detail when you are on the road. This includes filming what happens on the road as well as inside the car. As people realize its benefits, more and more brands have started delivering a quality dash cam to choose from. However, not all of them succeed in delivering quality, so it is important for you to choose your best dash cam wisely.

When opting for a dash camera, make sure to look for the following features:

  1. Good video quality.
  2. A lot of storage space.
  3. Small size.
  4. Additional features like Wi-Fi, GPS and movement sensors.

All those who wish to be safe drivers should equip themselves with dash cams. Both police and civilians can make use of the product. It helps in accountability as well as uncovering evidence when things go south.

Why would you need a dashboard camera:

  • You can tell whose fault is it in a car accident.
  • It can help in accountability.
  • If it comes with a tracker, you can use it for tracking criminals or car thieves.

List of the Best Dash Cameras 2020 from Top Brands

Since there are quite a lot of dash cams on the market, we have listed the best ones for you. These have been filtered on the basis of video quality, price, storage space, warranty, size and additional features. Each item on the list has been assessed on these attributes, and only those that succeed in delivering value have been included. Some products are better at delivering a combination of all features than others.

Best Dash Cameras Under $50

01. YI 2.7″ Full HD Screen Dashboard Camera


Looking for an affordable dashcam? If so, YI might be an option you want to consider.

This dash cam comes with an Advanced Driver Assistance System. It delivers real-time visuals and details of lane departure. Hence, you will be provided with all the information you need to drive safely.

It also comes with night vision. This is seldom delivered by other dash cams. The HD camera included is able to capture clear images not just in the dark but also at high speed. Thus, regardless of your speed, every detail will be filmed.


  • The HD car camera succeeds in filming crisp and clear shots.
  • The large buttons of the interface make it easy to use.
  • It features fewer blinds spots.


  • The quality of the focus can be improved.

It certainly gets the job done, but it is not always great at producing quality footage. Whether it is a worthy purchase depends on your requirements.

02. Facamword Wi-Fi Car DashCam


It is rare for a dash camera to be stylish yet stealthy, but this camera has succeeded in being an exception.

The dash cam is equipped with a Wi-Fi connection. This means that you won’t have to interact with the actual product when driving. Instead, you can use a remote to easily take photos when you want.

When it comes to being stealthy, this dash cam is excellent. Since it has a compact size, those passing your car would be unable to detect it. Its ability to be invisible makes sure that you are able to catch wrongdoers red-handed.


  • The super night vision delivers clear images in the dark.
  • It is very light and easy to mount.
  • The image quality is good.


  • Whenever you start or end a recording, it gives off an annoying sound.

If you are easily annoyed by weird sounds, you might want to stay away from this dashcam. Apart from this flaw, there isn’t much wrong with the product.

03. TOGUARD In-Car Dashboard Camera Driving Recorder


Not everyone wishes for a bulky dash camera. It can very well ruin the aesthetics of the car. If you feel the same way, you might want to try the TOGUARD Car Dash Cam.

This dash cam is equipped with quite a lot of functions. It comes with loop recording, timestamp, and motion detection all in one. The time stamp is an excellent feature to have when you are claiming insurance for a damage that you didn’t cause. Here, every detail matters.

Since the size of the product is compact, 2.75 x 1.97 x 0.79 inches to be exact, you can rest assured that the camera will not become an obstruction when you are driving. Neither would it be too obvious to the onlookers and drivers.


  • Since the LCD of the product shows real-time footage, installation is easy.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Since the screen is too small, the advantages of the real-time footage are undermined.

The compact size is both a flaw and a benefit. How you chose to look at it depends on your priorities.

04. Pruveeo F5 DashCam


When it comes to delivering a discreet design, this dash cam has taken things further up a notch.

The design of the dash cam is nothing like we have seen before. Its unique design is also very functional. It can mount the windshield, but from the outside, no one would be able to detect where the camera is.

Warranty is always a plus. It is an evidence of the durability of the product. After all, why else would a company take guarantee that a product will last? This dash cam comes with a 12-month warranty. If you find any glitches or problems with the product before that, you can get it replaced. This excellent customer service makes it a convenient and cost-effective purchase.


  • Supports both iOS and Android.
  • You can download recorded footage via Wi-Fi.


  • The manual is not up to par.

Aside from the manual, there isn’t much wrong with the actual dash cam. This makes it a worthy purchase.

Best Dash Cameras Under $100

05. Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam


For all those of you who wish for a wide-angle dash camera,. Rexing is here with a quality product.

No one wants their dash cameras to be too prominent. Otherwise, they are not exactly the best tool to catch any wrongdoing. This is why this product features quite a discreet design. The design is such that the camera will remain well-hidden from the view. Hence, you will be able to record people without letting them know.

The included G-Sensor allows it to automatically detect accidents. As a result, it will make sure that you have footage of accidents to see which party was at fault. Moreover, this video is locked to prevent any damage or incidences of overwriting.


  • It can record in different loops.
  • The six-layer glass lens is highly durable.
  • The car video quality is excellent.


  • Not stylish.

Since aesthetics is not important when it comes to security, the flaw in this Rexing camera is bearable.

06. keeken Car Dash Cam 4K WDR


View on Amazon

With HD recording, emergency mode and wide angles, this car dash cam has it all. However, it does come with a few flaws.

This camera has an emergency recording mode which is an excellent substitute for a G-Sensor. This feature allows you to record footage the moment a collision occurs. Moreover, it detects moving objects with immense sensitivity to make sure you have every detail needed.

Furthermore, the product claims to show a complete view and lives up to that claim with the help of a rotating lens that can view 140 degrees at one time. You can easily use the camera to view up to 5 lanes of traffic. Hence, you will be able to focus on every street sign and every image you might want.


  • HD-quality videos are crisp and stable.
  • The design of the car camera is robust.


  • Doesn’t have a micro-SD card.

Unless you wish to record a lot of footage, this dash camera would satisfy your needs.

07. AUKEY DashCam with Full HD


Tired of cameras that refuse to mount properly? In this regard, Aukey has been successful in satisfying the masses.

One problem with dash cameras is that they may not be suitable for the climate of your country. Extreme weathers tend to affect durability negatively. This dash cam takes care of this issue with its extreme temperature operation. Regardless of how cold or hot it gets, the functionality of the camera is not affected.

The included suction cup is high quality, and a double-sided pad is also included. With two possible mounting options, you won’t have to worry about the camera constantly falling off and getting damaged.


  • HD and clear video.
  • Highly durable.
  • Excellent size.


  • Not easy to read off license plates using the camera.

While the images captured by the product are quite clear, not being able to read off license plates is a major flaw. For security purposes, we don’t think it is worth it.

Best Dash Cameras Under $200

08. Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Camera Dash Cam


This dash cam has been constructed to be the ideal solution for all Uber and taxi drivers out there.

The resolution of the car video is an excellent. The product features a 1080p dual camera lens that allows you to monitor the road as well as the inside of the car. The inside camera has an angle of 140 degrees, while the outside camera has an angle of 170 degrees. Together, you can pretty much see it all.

The included parking mode allows the camera to detect and record motion in front of your car. This mode remains active 24 hours a day. Hence, you don’t have to worry about turning the product on or off. It can do so on its own.


  • Locks all footage to Event File to prevent an override.
  • Starts recording automatically once the ignition sparks up.
  • Equipped with an 18-month policy.


  • The mount comes loose easily.

If you don’t mind spending a bit of time repairing the mount, there isn’t much wrong with the product.

09. HP Dual-Channel Lens DashCam


With an excellent audio and video quality and other additional features, this dash cam is bound to satisfy you.

Like many other products on this list, this dash cam features dual cameras. This allows you to monitor both the inside and outside of the car. The dual camera also reduces the number of blind spots and keeps you as alert as possible.

The camera doesn’t just capture footage; it also lets you know when the distance between your car and the next becomes uncomfortably close. Similarly, anytime you go off your lane, the camera lets you know, thereby ensuring that you drive safely.


  • The headlight on warning keeps you out of trouble.
  • It comes with GPS and Geo-tracking for effective monitoring.
  • Auto on and off is highly convenient.


  • The night vision is not good.

If you don’t drive much in the dark, the flaw of the dash cam is easy to deal with. The various warning features make it an excellent option for safe driving.

10. Thinkware F770 2-Channel Front & Rear Dashboard Camera Under $500


With warranty, discreetness and quality, this dash cam offers quite a lot at a reasonable price.

The storage of this camera is 32 GB. That is enough for capturing a day’s worth of footage. However, if you are too lazy to transfer it every day, this storage might not be enough for you. The fact that you can make a time lapse from the footage is also a fun feature.

There is also a parking surveillance mode included in the product. This will aid you in finding the culprit if someone hits your car when it is parked. The impact and motion are enough to activate the camera and capture footage on its own.


  • It is equipped with safety features, like collision warning and lane departure. This aids in safe driving.
  • A Wi-Fi is built into the product, which makes configuring the settings a piece of cake.


  • The memory card slot is finicky.

For the price charged, this dash cam offers a lot of benefits and is a best value-adding purchase.


Choosing the best dash cam may seem confusing, but if you get it right, you will be able to ensure your safety. Among the ten products discussed, we were a fan of the Facamword Wi-Fi Car DashCam. This camera delivered style, wide angle and quality car video all at once.

Other options are also worth considering. Regardless of which dash cam you choose, try to equip your car with one. It will help you out.

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